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Zakara Tan Colour Tote Bag

Let’s TOTE ! Custom Leather Tote Bags

The secret to making gorgeous totes, evening bags, satchels, and more comes from the planning stages. It’s one of the things that make bags such rewarding creations projects. We are here who are making imaginative tote bags after understanding our customer’s need.

The popularity of the minimalist designer shopping tote has seen an unprecedented surge in recent years. While the term ‘tote’ is often used to refer to a huge variety of handbag styles – including eternally popular top-handle bags. These are roomy, shopper totes with long, practical handles in supple leathers or versatile canvas fabrics that are topping wish-lists now.

Leather tote bags and evening bags are not just accessories, they are statement pieces. They can elevate any outfit, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance. These timeless leather pieces have been around for centuries and continue to be a popular choice among women today.

The versatility of leather tote bags is unmatched – from carrying your daily essentials to being the perfect travel companion. Their durability also makes them an eco-friendly option as they last longer than synthetic materials.

Evening bags, on the other hand, add glamour to any occasion. From classic clutches to embellished minaudières, there is a style for every taste and event.

Customizing your own leather bag allows you to express your unique personality through fashion. Whether it’s adding initials or choosing the color scheme, having something that reflects who you are adds a special touch to any outfit.

Investing in quality leather goods not only benefits your wardrobe but also supports sustainability in fashion by reducing waste and using natural materials. Choose wisely and let your bag do the talking!


  1. Leather: We use 100% Genuine Full Grain Leather coming from Buffalo and Calf Skins. These are full grain top quality leathers, well finished and highly durable to several years.2
  2. Canvas: As and where canvas is used, we go with again top quality waxed canvas to provide extra strength to the bag.


Usually keeping interior well finished and full of utility is our main goal to provide extra space for storage and making convenient to user to place their stuffs separately. Providing zipper pockets and separation by open pockets to store small belongings separately. 


Most important factor for a bag is its handling, we keep in mind in creativity to provide best possible solutions to make it more easy to hold and go. Overall weight comes to straps and shoulders, so making it more handy and durable is always a good initiative.

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