We, at Zakara International, works towards a common mission of development of custom designed leather bags for our clients to build their brand in this competitive market with complete confidence. As one of the leading customised leather bag manufacturer in india with its headquarters in Kanpur, we have today made a global presence with our handmade leather craftsmanship which have already captured super markets like USA, UK, European Countries, Australia, New Zealand and Scandinavian countries such as Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

brown leather laptop bag

With over 9 years of experienced craftsmanship in customised leather goods manufacturing, we have stood the test of time because of our patterns, designs, stitching, and our 100% real leather products which are today being praised globally as well.

Every product from our factory is a complete synthesis of craftsmanship and technology. Our service quality and the exquisite detailing in every product that we design is what has helped us to reach this level of success in such a short span of time.


Zakara International manufactures a stylish line of leather bags and accessories. Be it travel, duffle, laptop leather bags for men, briefcase, messenger, camera bags, ladies’ handbags, or leather accessories such as leather cushion cover, floor seat covers and leather dopp kit or toiletry bags, we ensure that each of our products are designed intricately which is a true reflection of customer’s personality. We also believe that the products that are the most desired are those that are timeless and not just unique. All the products at Zakara International are a true reflection of a classic and modern style that has captured the attention of the fashionistas not just in domestic but on the international soil as well.

leather bag manufacturer in india


Whether it’s a small retail store or a big international supply chain, Zakara International leaves no stone unturned to ensure that they meet their buyer’s quality expectations. To be able to meet our buyers’ demands we have many strategic processes in place that help to create the best products at the most competitive prices. We work towards our passion as a team and aim to offer you a leather product that fits your style. We leave no scope for any error at any stage of our manufacturing process and with that, we guarantee high quality in every product that we produce at our premises.


At Zakara International, every member of the group abides by some core values. This is to maintain the processes that are time-tested which in turn ensures complete satisfaction of the client. We ensure 100% quality in every product that we manufacture and aim to deliver our merchandise so that its quality exceeds the expectations of our clients. Trust at Zakara International is non-negotiable and with our proactive partnership we have been able to maintain relationship with each of our clients who have partnered with us in the past and remain with us forever.