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How to store your leather bag after use?

Here Are Some Ways To Store Your Leather Bag

Leather bags are an expensive purchase and you do not want them to get spoilt lying idle in your cupboard when not in use. Your leather bag is a timeless piece and it can stay as good as new if you take good care of it and maintain it well. Read on for some tips on how to store your leather bag when it is not in use.

Your bag should be well cleaned

Zakara leather bags storage
Proper storage of leather bag after use.

Clean your leather bag before you place it in a box or keep it in the place where you wish to store it. If you do not clean it then it will continue to stay dirty and the dust could end up harming the leather.

After you use your bag, gently empty its contents ensuring that you do not stain or spill anything. Then use a wet cloth or a baby wipe to wipe the surface of your bag slowly. Turn your leather bag inside out and remove any dust or fluff with your hands and clean it well.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your leather bag wipe it again using a dry cloth. This will help in removing any water or humidity on your bag and let it stay dry.

The inner part of your bag should be stuffed

Make sure that you stuff the bag which will help in maintaining its shape. You can do this with plain paper. Take the quantity that you need in order to fill the bags inside and place it neatly so that you see that the bag looks stable and in shape when you close it.

Wrap the leather bag parts

If the customised leather bag that you wish to store has buckles, chains and metal handles then ensure that it is wrapped well with bubble wrap. This will keep it protected. It will also not let the hard substances on your bag leave any marks on the interiors of your bag in case it gets pressed when you store it.

The bag should be well protected

Use a soft dust bag to cover the leather bag which lets the bag breathe. This way the bag will get fresh air which will not just keep its shape intact but also keep the leather fresh. Make sure that the dust bag that you use is large so that there is sufficient room for the leather bag and so that it is not stuffed tight. This will hinder the bag from breathing.

Do not store more than one bag in a dust bag

If you have more than one piece of leather bag then you need to make sure that each bag is stored separately. They should not touch each other. This way the leather bags will not press each other.


Leather is a sensitive material and your custom luxury leather bag needs lots of attention. The way you use your leather bag, how you clean it and how you store it has a lot of impact on its longevity and well-being. So find the best place where you can store the leather bag to ensure no harm done to the bag when not in use. You should also keep checking on it regularly to see if everything is right.

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