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care for your leather bags

Useful Tips To Care For Your Leather Bags

Elegant and ageless, leather bags serve for decades if it is cared for well. Cleaning and conditioning to how you store and to care of your leather bags, there are many things that you can do to ensure that the beauty is preserved and the life of the investment is prolonged.

Regular care for your leather bags

Your store bought or made to order leather bags are subject to many damaging conditions and stresses if you use it daily. Oil stains, overstuffing and your cosmetics in the bag, all of these contribute to causing permanent damage to this durable leather bag which indeed is a beautiful piece.

Worry not, because here are a few tips that can let you care and increase the life of your leather bag and let you use it daily without any trouble.

Keep hands clean when touching the leather bags

care for your leather bags
Leather Care Guide

Leather is natural oil absorbent and thus it is important that you clean your hands before you touch your leather bag. If there is oil on your skin then this can darken the leather bag and in turn case stained spots. Oil attracts dirt and this can leave your leather bag look dingy.

Your make-up should be stored in a separate pouch

Leather can get stained easily and this is why things that could potentially damage your bag should be kept isolated. Makeup and cosmetics are a key contributing factor and thus it is recommended to keep them in a pouch so that these do not leak and damage your leather handbag.

Overstuffing your leather bag should be avoided

If you are using your leather bag for daily use then chances are that you may be stuffing it with your essentials. If you overstuff your leather bag then this could cause a permanent change to its shape. Limit the amount of things that you carry in your leather bag which will ensure that its lovely contour is maintained. Also avoid carrying heavy things in your leather bag because this causes strain on the handles which eventually causes the leather to stretch and tear.

Keep your leather bag dry at all times

Moisture plays a major role in damaging your leather handbag. This causes swelling and loss in shape. If possible do not use your leather bag in the snowy or the rainy weather. If you do get moisture on your leather bag then blot it dry using a towel. Avoid using a clothes dryer or a hair dryer to dry it. Instead let it air dry naturally.

Cleaning your leather bag

Even when you follow the tips above there are chances that your leather handbag will get dirty with regular use. Clean and condition it to prevent any permanent damage to it.

Treat any stains as soon as you can.  Using leather cleaners and leather conditioners is also a must to keep your leather handbag spec clean. Ask for recommended products from the store you bought the leather bag from who will be able to give you the best advice. Follow the directions stated by the manufacture and you can be rest assured that your timeless leather handbag will serve for years to come

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