What Variety of Leather you use?

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We have a wide range of leathers in our collection. Mainly we specialise in Vintage Hunter Leather Series made from the buffalo skins. These highly durable top quality leather are coming from our reputed tanneries of Kanpur City, well know for buffalo leather, world wide.

We mainly keep a huge stock of vintage hunter leathers with different variety finishes such as, Hard Wax, Oil Pull-up, Crazy Horse, Burnish Leathers, etc. Variations of leathers are made from Hardest leather to Softer leather, mostly in buffalo skins only.

Such leathers are used to convert the skins in more durable products such as Hard-to-Soft Bags, Rigid-to-Bendable bags, Weighted-to-Lighted bags, Large-to-Smallest and Fashion-to-Vintage.

These leathers are getting utilised from 1.2 mm to 2.2 mm thickness depending on the requirement on the design with all finish ever.

For any further query related to Leather Quality and Finish, feel free to contact us or can be addressed to our email: [email protected] with subject “Leather Query”

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